Habits and addictions

Creating habits, or specific ways of doing things, normally allows us to operate effectively during our day. However, some of these habits may no longer serve their purpose, and take another meaning altogether, which could be problematic. So a habit of always folding clothes in a particular way is not a problem – unless your concentration on that starts to undermine or have a negative effect on other areas of your life. Other habits serve no obvious purpose and may become an unwanted ritual.

When you are ready to make the change, whether you are looking to stop biting your nails or have issues with alcohol or substances, we can help.  Our therapists will use hypno-psychotherapy to reduce your reliance on the unwanted habit through understanding the deeper need it expresses, and helping you to learn new ways of meeting those needs in a more appropriate way for you.  We will also aim to use hypnotherapy techniques to reduce anxiety caused by the ending of the unwanted habit into a feeling of freedom and self-reliance.