Career goals

It is often said that people who choose a job they love “never have to work a day in their lives” so picking the right career path makes a real difference to personal happiness and fulfilment.  This choice can be challenging and involves knowing yourself and your abilities, skills and motivators really well, at least as well as what opportunities are available to you. Personal goals and circumstances change over time, and making career choices is not a once in a life time experience.   In our changing world people do have to keep their options open and remain flexible, so recognising and using your “transferable” skills is vital.  Some of our therapists are able to provide career coaching alongside self awareness therapy in order to help you to make important choices and decisions.

Interview skills to get the job you want in a competitive market can be honed and learned.  The key lies in understanding how your experience and skills relate to what the employer wants, and then relaxing sufficiently to let your talents show through.  Relaxation techniques to overcome nervousness and enhance your performance at interview are available through hypnotherapy.