We offer a non-judgemental service.  Information you choose to share with us is confidential and will never be released without your written permission (within the bounds of law and the code of ethics of the National Society for Hypnosis, Mindfulness and Psychotherapy).

Hypnoxford will:

  • Agree your preferred means of contact.  For example some clients prefer ‘text only’ or to be contacted only at specific times.
  • Never confirm that a client is attending therapy should anybody, in whatever capacity, telephone, write or email us to enquire.
  • Never discuss client cases other than in professional clinical supervision.
  • Never approach a current or former client in public or social settings.  We understand that it may cause discomfort to have ‘your therapist say hello’ when you are with friends or colleagues.  We respect your choice to ‘pretend not to know us’ but will respond with warmth if you approach us – of course!

We believe it is important that our clients understand that there are legal and ethical limitations to confidentiality.  For example, therapists have a legal duty to notify an appropriate authority of a disclosure of serious risk of harm to a child.  Our contracts explain the limitations to confidentiality and this is also discussed at initial consultation.